Influential negotiation and merchandising skills are of paramount importance in  the apparel industry. Tailored programs prepare individuals at all levels enabling immediate application of acquired skills to drive business success and collaboration.

Influencing Skills for Merchandisers

Every organization can benefit from improved influencing skills. In the apparel industry, or any other industry, keen persuading and influencing skills help to enable corporate alignment and sustainable business relationships. The Art of influencing is on mastering effective negotiation skills.

Through program content tailored to the specific needs of the industry, the programme prepares participants at all levels, in any department, to operate at full potential. Sphere trainers will customize the program for your industry and tailor it to your company’s specific needs and challenges. Upon returning to the workplace, participants will be able to immediately put to use the merchandising skills, tactics, and knowledge they learn.

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Influencing Skills for Merchandisers
2-3 Day workshop.
Develop communication & listening skills for better and effective influencing.
Learn to reach goals strategically and analyze the opponent’s requirement and how they relate and reach with each other.
Develop skills in screening cultural sensitivity.
Learn to understand their own style as they go in to persuasion and influencing..
Learn influencing skills and meeting the interests of all parties.
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