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These are special tailor made programmes. The uniqueness of this programme is that it is a combination of soft skills and English language. Firstly we develop the language of the target audience and then focus on enhancement of soft skills.

Communicative English (Basic and Advanced Programme).

Importance of communicative English is beyond any doubt since it is the most commonly used medium for communication in the world. Effective communication in English is the most sought after skill by an employee at a workplace. If you communicate well in English your colleagues will be happy to converse with you about work related matters and other things that will lead to worker productivity in an organization. Therefore being proficient in communicative English is a must.

It may vary from 60 to 100 hours.
Target Group
Participants will be confident in speech, pronunciation and using correct accents.
Speaking practice relating to job role conducted through the programme will encourage the participants to communicate with clients or customers without any fear.
Learners will be able to bring out their point effectively in communicating using the improved speaking skills.

Communicative English for Specific Occupations and Jobs.

We offer the communicative English programme as mentioned above for specific occupations. This programme will be customised for that specific job or occupation which the programme will mainly focus on improving the communication of that specific job related English. This will enhance the confidence of the professionals in that specific job in dealing with clients and handling job related issues. Following are the sectors for which we offer this training.

Target Group
Motor Mechanics, Nurses, Sales representatives Merchandisers, Factory workers, Banking staff

Business Communication Certification Course.

Effective writing, reading, speaking, listening are the key elements in communication. As we know successful communication can be difficult but on the other hand poor communication could cause problems or major misunderstandings. If in business, you may lose the momentum of a major business project. In this regard, a business communication programme can enableemployees to sharpen their business writing and speaking skills to get an edge over their customers.

30 hour course.
Target Group
Executives, Assistant managers and Managers.
Grammar in business writing will be improved.
Participants will have a good practice in business writing, such as letters, e-mails and memos.
Reading and listening comprehension activities conducted during the programme will improve the business writing skills of the participants
Also participants will possess an exceptional knowledge of presentation skills.

English for Internal Auditors

Effective writing has been one of the key modes in communication. In today’s context, the language of English plays a major role in presenting the right tone of findings, specifically in a core area of auditing in an organization. At Sphere we ensure that your auditing staff gets the best knowledge in creating proper sentences for effective audit reporting thus helping both the organization and the employee in achieving excellence.

Target Group
Staff of Internal Audit department.
Language enrichment of the auditors by drawing their focus on grammar and fluency.
Learners will be capable of forming grammatically correct sentences using industry related vocabulary.
Participants will be familiar with basics of fundamental elements of formal business writing.
Learners will have the ability to produce an effective report.

English for the Hospitality Sector

As a sector which is growing significantly, sector specific language skills are crucial to serve the customers. As guests comprise of various nationalities, English language would be a key language of communication.

Target Group
Staff of Internal Audit department.
Grammar which is the key element in communication will be improved.
Participant will be confident in communicating with guests. Especially in situations such as check-in and check-out, explaining location facilities, handling room service, taking orders, handling problems and providing solutions.
Reading and listening comprehension exercises conducted in the programme relating to the hospitality sector will make the participants confident in use of the language.

Moving Borders with IELTS

With our proven Training Courses, our tutors will guide you and teach you via an interactive student-teacher environment that is both fun and easy. Participants can avoid all the frustration and disappointment that comes when trying to learn and pass this demanding examination. Secure a successful overseas job, by preparing and understanding the possibility of culture shock and challenges that may accompany living in a new place.

Main aims of this programme are as follows.

To introduce students to and familiarize them with the format and content of IELTS.
Equip students with effective skills and strategies needed to undertake the IELTS test with confidence.
Provide material for practice in all areas of the test and administer regular mock tests with individual feedback and advice from certified examiners.
Provide an insight about how to adapt to a new culture with an interactive approach to cultural awareness.
Target Group
Persons interested in qualifying in the IELTS examination.
Upon completion of the course students will be able to take the IELTS examination.
Excel in the post graduate training in an international environment and develop both professionally and personally.

Salient features of language programmes

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